Making healthy and nutritional snacks without compromising the taste is always challenging to me. This recipe fits the bill very well.
Makhane are popped ‘lotus seeds’, considered to have many medicinal properries as per the ancient Chinese medicine science. It is loaded with potassium, calcium and iron, it is a great alternative for popcorn.
The aroma of the tiny yet divine ghee or coconut oil in this recipe is very tempting and smoked paprika for sure adds a nice flavor.

Spiced lotus seeds


It is a very simple recipe, slowly dry roasting is the key to get a lot of crunch without a lot of fat

2 cups makhane( popped lotus seeds)
1/2 tsp ghee( clarified butter) or coconut oil

1/2 tsp Smoked paprika
1/4 tsp Turmeric (leave it out if making for Vrat)
3/4 tsp Chaat masala( it is a mixture of rock salt, cumin powder, pink salt & some black pepper..all ground to a fine powder)
1/4 tsp Black pepper powder
1/4 tsp Amchoor( dried mango powder)

Dry roast the makhane on low flame till they start getting crisp. Add the ghee( or coconut oil) and coat the makhane well. Add all the spices and toss well.
For those who are curious, here is the nutritional information for the dry puffed lotus seeds.