There are many ways  we can work together. Please contact us to discuss an opportunity such as the options and ideas listed below or to discuss any other ideas you might have. We would love to hear from you!


I would love working together with products and brands to create specific content for your target market. I offer recipe development, editorial writing and guest posting. I am  available to discuss ideas on how we can work together.

Recipe Development: I love creating recipes with good photography. These recipes can be developed for an another site or publication, or the we  can discuss publishing the recipe on my site as well.  I can also work with an existing or original recipe to  create a story, cook, style, photograph if needed.

Sponsored Recipe Posts: We are also open to discussing the opportunity for sponsored posts on ‘The Saffrontouch’ . If you have ideas about creative content that you think would be a good fit for readers, let us know!

Giveaways and Product Reviews: If you have a product or service that you feel would be a good fit and connect with our readers, please contact us. We can futher discuss hosting a review and/or giveaway on the site.

Brand Ambassadorship: I would love to represent your brand or product if it is a good fit for my readers.  I can also  share your brand across our social channels and with our readers via sponsored blog posts.

BRAND DISCLOSURES: I will always disclose to our readers the nature of partnerships with brands and products. The FTC requires bloggers to disclose their relationship with advertisers in a clear and conspicuous manner. If I receive monetary compensation or free product in exchange for an endorsement or review, I will disclose this information at the bottom of my post. I will always give you my honest opinion when reviewing any product.

We love the opportunity to promote brands, products that are a good fit!


Please contact me to discuss any potential partnership opportunities

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