TOSMA or Mercado Sano

When I shared that I was going to San Miguel de Allende, my friend Susie told me about this organic market that’s held every Saturday, so the first thing on the agenda was just that.

We decided to walk to that Mercado. San Miguel de Allende is full of colorful shops along the city streets, beautiful homes that have some great doors that open into these cute little courtyards that are fascinating. It seems like each of these courtyard have something interesting to share. Some have cafes like Lavanda, orvegan cafes like Nectar, some have fancy restaurants like Aperi; and others have artisanal craft stores and a lot of them are actually art galleries. In fact I feel like San Miguel de Allende is an artists heaven.

We walked towards Mercado de Sana and found this bazar that was just amazing. Local food, drinks, art and even some incredible products. People have this notion that Mexican food is mainly meat focused, but when you come to places like this is when you see all seasonal local ingredients showcased beautifully.

Agua Fresca

There was a stall that was selling the legit local food, fresh corn tortillas cooked on the comal, stuffed with your choice of filling. Fresh tortillas were being made with such amazing skill that one could not stop and watch it, it was very therapeutic. The fillings ranged from some classics like nopal, pumpkin flowers to some garbanzo, pork stew and so much more. I was salivating just looking at it.

There were some fantastic products for sale. Mexican Vanilla, cinnamon and even some spice mixes like Mole etc. It was just incredible to see so many complex flavors of spices combined beautifully in a paste ready to use. I also picked up some of the vanilla beans, can’t wait to cook with it. The cinnamon you get here is different from the Cylon variety.

As I was checking out some products I ran into this wonderful gentleman David, loved his spirit and enthusiasm about San Miguel De Allende. He runs a magazine/newsletter that covers everything SMA and very aptly named Lokkal SMA. He hopes to expand this to other cities. Do check his website out!

He told me about this art and wine event happening at the Fabrica La Aurora, It an old renovated textile mill that houses cafes, shops & galleries with works by local artists in many mediums.

I was ready to explore as usual with my camera 🙂

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