In the recent years fenugreek has been getting popular in the western world. I have seen GNC selling Fenugreek tablets. According to the ancient Indian tradition, fenugreek is given to postpartum women as it is known to have a positive effect on the milk production. It is also known to help those who are diabetic and with high cholesterol problem.

Indian cuisine offers many ways to cook Methi ( Fenugreek). We saute the leaves, cook it with lentils and many more. What I am sharing here today is a not a very commonly known way of eating Fenugreek.

Sprouted Fenugreek Seeds


Soak the fenugreek seeds in water for at least overnight.  Drain it in the morning and tie it up in a thin cloth and keep it until these are sprouted.

Methi seeds in a bag

You can see that they more than double in the size. You can keep them in the cloth a little longer and you can start seeing small leaves.

Methi seeds raw and sprouted

Now the sprouts are ready to be used. Today I am making a traditional Maharashtrain curry with these sprouts.

Methya chi usal ( Fenugreek sprout curry)