I am visiting India, my husband and I decided to spend a weekend in Jodhpur. It was an awesome trip. Since this was our third trip to Jodhpur, we decided to focus on our favorite things. Meherangarh fort and food were on the agenda.

We stayed at Pratap Niwas, a small hotel on the outskirts of the city. Its a new building but they have used the materials from the old forts and Havelis and beautifully recreated the look.

The property has a beautiful courtyard where you can sit and enjoy your dinner along with a live entertainment every evening. The rooms were adequately equipped and quite spacious.

Beautiful Jharoka
Live music

The first thing on the agenda was Meheran Garh, this is my favorite forts across all of Rajasthan. Its grandeur and sheer presence is unmatchable. Built by  Rao Jodha in 1459, this fort is glorious. The name Mehran Garh, comes from the word Mehr, which means ‘the sun’ in Rajsthani launguage. This royal family consider themselves the descendants of the Lord Surya. Its location, 400 feet above the surrounding plains makes it stand out and make it look unsurmountable.   IMG_3914I have visited Meherangarh twice yet I was still just as excited to visit the third time. I waited while my husband went to get the tickets and audio guide. IMG_3917We entered the Jaipol, bought our tickets and took an elevator to the next stop on our tour. This place provides a beautiful and expansive view of the Jodhour. You can see the Blue room tops which give this city its name, the Blue City. Its said that the Blue houses are Brahmin houses and this Royal family was in-charge of protecting them.IMG_3920IMG_3916 This is where you could see the ramparts and canons, ready to fire at the enemy which is probably this fort was never under siege. IMG_3925We continued our tour of various elaborately decorated and preserved rooms of the fort. Some are made with various mirrors and colored glass. Royal Darbar room with the throne which takes you back to the courtroom of the Royal family. IMG_3959

Ranga mahal
Jhanki Mahal which has stone screens called Zaroka, this allowed the Royal women to stay in their veils and yet watch all the activity happening in the courtyard. You also see a collection of baby cradles in this room. IMG_3970Beautiful Moti MahalIMG_3973 Moti Mahal You step into a courtyard from Moti Mahal IMG_3974 Courtyard is one of my favorites, you get to experience the open air along with privacy. sdr In the courtyard[/caption] You need many hours to appreciate all that this place showcases, courthouses, sintricate carvings and expansive courtyards, elaborate balconies, arched galleries and so much more. You go back in time as you walk through different rooms and can almost hear the sounds of the trumpets and the anklets worn by the Royal women, and see Old weapons, Jewelry, fabrics from the gone era. digWe completed our trip and were super hungry, we headed to the main town for our next destination, my favorite thing to do, food tour. Jodhpur is known for many yummy delicacies and I wanted to explore all those joints.When you talk about Rajasthani women, the first that comes to mind is beautiful clothes and jewelry. You get to see beautiful, vibrant colors and traditional dyeing techniques like Bandhani, Shibori still being used.dav Fabric dyeing

We saw these women working on the roadside on our way to Clock Tower market.

Hope you enjoyed reading this travel diary, come back to read Part 2 which is all about the incredible food we enjoyed.