I posted Jowar Bhakri last week. One of the accompaniments was Chicken Savji and many people asked for the recipe.So as promised here are the recipes of Chicken Savji.

Chicken savji can be made in two ways, Solapuri and Nagpuri style. This is made with the recipe that my mom makes, it is a little different than the Savji on the Nagpur side. I make both, but like the Solapuri version a little more.

Savji– सोलापुर स्टाइल

Savaji Chicken…my mom makes Savaji mutton, the same masala with chicken.I love Savji Chicken…it is very very yummy. Typically indian meat curries have tomato, onion as a base. This recipe is unique since it does not have onion or tomatoes.

Savaji Chicken

savaji chicken


1 lb Chicken( I make it with boneless for the kids, but tastes better with boned)
1tsp haldi
2 tbsp Ginger garlic paste

Dry Masala

1/2 cup dry roasted coconut ( I take the dry coconut wati and almost burn it on the gas flame, you can also use shredded coconut)
2 tbsp of khukhus
2 tbsp of Sesame seeds


2 tbsp tamarind pulp ( mixed with some water)


1.5 tsp garam masala
2-3 tbsp Bedagi chilli powder



Dry roast khuskhus, til and coconut and grind together to make a fine paste. I use my coffee grinder.

Marinate chicken with 1tbsp ginger garlic paste,salt and haldi.
Heat oil, add ½ garam masala, chili powder.


Add chicken pieces. Saute for a few minutes, add hot water, cook for some time.


Add tamarind pulp and  the remaining ginger garlic paste.


Add boiling water to get the consistency of the curry you like. Bring it to a good boil. Add the til-khukhus paste.

Taste and add more garam masala/chili powder as needed. My mom likes to season the dish as she goes along, I feel it works really well.Do not boil too much after the paste is added  otherwise it gives out oil and does not taste very good.

Serve with bhakri. It taste good even the next day.

IMG_2251 1



It tastes really good with mutton, in fact I feel the mutton savji tastes better than the chicken version.