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Spiced nut Baklava with Coffee Syrup 

Join me to visit childhood memories and flavors that unite different countries. I make a Turkish Baklava with cardamom and nutmeg and a filter coffee syrup. easy, turkish inspired, filter coffee, nutmeg, cardamom, baklava, south india

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Dulce de Leche Ice cream 

It all started with churros. I ate these churros in Mazatlán and have been wanting to try the recipe. I decided to pair those churros with ice-cream to make a perfect sandwich. Since I was pairing with churros, I thought why not make Mexican inspired…

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I love Mexican food, in fact the whole family loves it very much. Sometimes I wonder if I was Mexican in my previous birth, because just as much Indian food, Mexican food is a constant feature in my kitchen. It’s Cinco de Mayo and I…