Candied Orange Peel 

A super easy recipe for making candied orange peel at home. This can be used in so many recipes like Christmas cakes,ice-creams and even Persian dishes like Shirin Polow. All you need is some patience You can use the orange peels many ways, will share…

dessert, Vegetarian

Dulce de Leche Ice cream 

It all started with churros. I ate these churros in Mazatlán and have been wanting to try the recipe. I decided to pair those churros with ice-cream to make a perfect sandwich. Since I was pairing with churros, I thought why not make Mexican inspired…

Cookies, dessert, Mexican


I love Mexican food, in fact the whole family loves it very much. Sometimes I wonder if I was Mexican in my previous birth, because just as much Indian food, Mexican food is a constant feature in my kitchen. It’s Cinco de Mayo and I…